USA Trip 202*?

We are planning a trip to the states to connect with the US space industry and learn about space operations across the atlantic, from the first country to land on the moon.

While most companies in the UK and Europe are focused on working solely with the European Space Agency (due to this being their source of funding) and organisations within the EEA, disregarding the most important and powerful country when it comes to anything to do with space, we're going to be reaching out to the exciting US space sector!

Unfortunately our original plan for a 2020 visit to the United States have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and we've had to postpone the trip until further notice.

Space Shuttle Endeavour
Apollo 15 Moon Landing

The plan is to start in Florida with the first visit being to the famous Kennedy Space Center, later on our trip we'll head to Houston in Texas, then to Arizona and finally end our trip in L.A, California.

We are looking forward to learning about what companies in the US space sector are doing and exploring the potential for cross-atlantic partnerships, collaboration and also helping those in the states understand what's going on in the UK as well as the potential business opportunities.

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