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  Space Programme

We are the first private space programme in the UK and carry out all our operations and launches in the UK. We represent the much needed private sector in the rapidly growing UK space industry and our aim is to reduce the significant cost of space operations, eliminate the enormous carbon footprint (we are the first carbon-neutral space programme) and offer cost effective solutions to expensive government contracts which advances British business and boosts the economy.

  COA Aircraft

Private Jet

Computer-assisted aircraft design. Private business jets, helicopters, military fighter jets, research and weather reconnaissance aircraft. We are currently working on a rocket that we hope will be the first ever launched from the UK into space.



Our communications division and our flight system engineers are working on the NEN (Near-Earth-Network) in preparation for upcoming missions. They are responsible for marketing and managing collaboration with our partner organisations in the industry.

Current Missions


Our Galileus mission brings focus to gas giant Jupiter's "Galilean" satellites: IO, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa. These moons of Jupiter are of substantial scientific interest.

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Jupiter and IO

Covered in volcanoes and sulfur dioxide snowfields.

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The first carbon-neutral space programme!
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